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The first full-length Aimpoint Original!

See how the Acro C-2 and S1 is used in driven hunt, fowl hunting and how to set everything up before the hunt. Enjoy some spectacular hunting scenes and follow the hunters on their journey to a successful hunt.

Disclaimer: The following video contains graphic content and viewer discretion is advised. All hunting should be conducted with high ethics. The care we give to the wild animals, the way we conduct the hunting itself, the way we kill the animal and how we treat the killed game, that is contained within the concept of hunting ethics. Hunters see the game as a resource to be managed with a long-term perspective.

Aimpoint AB produced this video for personal enjoyment, information, education, and communication. We invite you to visit our webpage, for more information or if you have any questions to contact us at © 2022 AIMPOINT AB. All rights reserved.


0:00 Swedish Driven Hunt

01:00 Introduction

02:33 Zeroing and training at the range

10:50 Welcome to Börringe – Brief

12:05 Driven Hunt with the Acro C-2 at Börringe

28:26 After hunt talk with Magnus Samuelsson

32:54 Fowl Hunt with the S1

40:50 After hunt talk with Magnus and Torbjörn Samuelsson

42:30 Trying out the GAIM VR-system

43:36 Welcome to Maltesholm

45:54 Driven Hunt with the Acro C-2 at Maltesholm

51:30 End of hunt at Maltesholm

51:52 Magnus and Torbjörn Samuelsson reflects

52:45 The Acro Advantage

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